"There is a really deep well inside me.  And in it dwells God.  Sometimes I am there too …..  And that is all we can manage these days and also all that really matters:  That we safeguard that little piece of You, God, in ourselves.”  Etty Hillesum (1914-1943) Westerbork Transit Camp
One of the ways we safeguard ‘that little piece of God in ourselves’ is to intentionally seek to deepen our understanding and love for God.  We are blessed as Christians to have a long and rich library of resources.  The Benedict Group taps into some of those resources at our weekly meetings where we read, discuss, and ponder the wisdom and challenges of our faith tradition.  All are welcome. 
Before Covid-19 we met at Noon on Wednesday for an hour. For notice of when we resume meeting watch the Sunday bulletin. 
Rev. Glenda Meakin