The purpose of setting up a “Music Room” is to help enhance lives musically, especially now that we are not in person.  It will, however,  likely continue post pandemic.

Music room will feature various selections of music, incorporating a wide variety of styles and performances.  For the most part the music will be connected to the readings of the day, however, sometimes it will just be great pieces of music.

Susan Nagtegaal
Director of Music

This Week's Selection of Music!

Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No 8 - Dvorak

Played by - Brianna Liang (age 13) and Chelsea Liang  (age 11)

These two exceptionally talented girls also shine as wonderful individuals.  I am fortunate enough to have them as  my neighbours. The two have opposite personalities.  They play and interpret music very differently.  Playing a duet is often a process of negotiations and compromises between the two of them.  Brianna loves science and wants to be a surgeon. Chelsea has a special appreciation of beauty in nature and culture.   One day we will have them in person at St. James!