Thank you for your interest in Christian Meditation.                                                         

Christian Meditation is a way of prayer - one of many forms of prayer. Rooted in the Christian tradition, it is an ancient spiritual discipline, re-introduced by John Main, a Benedictine Monk, a simple way into peace within oneself and union with the Spirit of Christ. Meditation - silence, stillness and simplicity - leads to the experience of wholeness. 

As John Main said, “Basically, meditation is a way of coming to your own centre, the foundation of your own being, and remaining there - still, silent, attentive … Meditation is in essence a way of learning to become awake, fully alive and yet still. ….It is the stillness of meditation that leads you forward to the state of wakefulness and the sense of being completely alive that dawns in you because you are in harmony with the whole of creation. The experience of meditation puts you in resonance with all life. But the way to that resonance…that wakefulness is silence and stillness.”

As a meditator, we strive to begin our day and end our day with a period of meditation. The group meditation creates community helping each of us to get started and to persevere. The practice of meditation awakens the awareness of the contemplative dimension of prayer, an experience of opening our hearts to the presence of God.

Our Meditation group meets each week on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. in the Club Room at St. James. All are invited to join us, whether a parishioner of St. James or, like some in our group who come from outside the St. James community, you will always be welcome.

Should you wish to learn more about Christian Meditation, join us at our time of Meditation or visit the website for the World Community for Christian Meditation at or the Canadian Community of Christian Meditation at

                                                                      Nancy McCallum
Doug Ayres