Press Release:

December 17, 2020

At a December 16th meeting of Parish Council of St. James Anglican Church, Stratford, attended by the Rector and all four wardens a decision was made to suspend in-church worship services from December 21 until January 11. This Sunday’s in-church worship service, December 20th, will continue as planned. However, services in the church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have been cancelled.

The leaders of the parish take this decision seriously. However, this action has been taken due to the evolving situation within our county and the outlying communities. It is of growing concern and simply waiting for direction from others did not seem right or fair for the members of our Christmas congregations.

It is clearly understood that this will terribly disappoint those planning to attend St. James during one of the most sacred and celebratory times in the church year. This weighed heavily in the decision. Much earlier, contingency plans were made in case this choice needed to be made. All suspended services will be available online Sunday December 20th, and we hope that everyone will take advantage of them.

Please visit our website for these worship services:

God bless.

Terry Marklevitz, Bobbie-Jo Allely, Pam Ayres, James Noble

The Rev. Canon Lorne Mitchell